April 26, 2009

Road Rage! Another Shooting in South Atwater Village

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A 40-SOMETHING motorist was shot multiple times at Carillon Street and Atwater Avenue, near the Fletcher Drive taco stand, this morning around 1:00am.

Police say he and another driver started arguing at a red light in Atwater Village, and the other driver opened fire. The victim drove himself to LAPD's Northeast Station, where he was taken to a hospital and was expected to survive. The LA Times has more.

For those of you keeping score at home, this is a block from where Steve Garcia was shot and killed on Carillon Street in February 2008.

And today's news brings this month's neighborhood gunshot reports to a grand total (so far) of 6, including:


photodon said...

There was a shooting that hit our house on Glenfeliz near the elementary school on May 3rd and we heard more gunshots last night May 5th. This is getting crazy.

..fLaCa.. said...

Steve Garcia was my friends brother. Sad..