April 3, 2009

Even the Sopranos Would Light a Candle Now and Again

Glenmanor Helicopter

NOT EVERYONE is pleased with plans for a Friday night vigil honoring slain Atwater Villager (and alleged gangster) Joey Romo. A reader emails:
"There is a lot of local Atwater opposition to the candlelight vigil being held by the candidate for Glendale city council (election 4/7, coincidence?) for the young man identified by LAPD as having been killed by his gang colleagues Tues nite.

"No one wants the media (who would call them I wonder) here to further tarnish the neighborhood. This is a good and safe community.

"Worse, the victim's family hasn't even been asked if they want a vigil in front of their house. For all these self-appointed 'do-gooders' know, the family may have funeral plans on Friday, want privacy and need the limited parking.

"Neighbors are also worried that running buddies may assemble at the vigil Friday nite then go drinking on the river then tag all night around Atwater and/or exact some revenge."
One report has the prayer vigil, "running buddies" and all, scheduled for tonight, April 3, 6:30pm, 2982 1/2 Glenmanor Place.

Another report says the vigil starts at Holy Trinity Church, Brunswick and Appleton, 5:00pm today.


Sarah said...

I think there are two competing vigils. Weird, right?

Mar2473 said...

Well the neighbors that thought they would seek revenge were right. I live in Atwater on the North end also known as Toonerville. I've lived in Atwater most of my life since I was 3 and it did seem to start cleaning up during the housing market upturn. Now it seems that the Northeast Division of LAPD has forgotten about patrolling this area. We as a community really need to come up w/ some programs for the younger generation so that they don't follow the same path as some of these young punks. This isn't a turf battle, it's just kids that have been taught by their surroundings that one gang doesn't get along with another gang. That's because many of these kids hit their teenage years and the parents lose all control or just give up on them and let them run the streets.

Regina Go said...

i agree with Mar2473, except some of the "punks" as you describe them are just young kids who have fantasized about the gang life and now that it is a reality for them they don't know a way out. as a community, we should encourage, you are right, but with kind words towards everybody first. some of these "punks" are talented but were somehow mislead and like it or not, they're a part of the community too. but you wouldn't know that because you probably see a suscpicious face or someone that looks affiliated and you want to single them out as bad. Next time say hi to them. You can change a life with kind words...