April 3, 2009

An Extra Letter? Or Confirmation of Gang Membership?

EVER NOTICE how the Atwater Village gang spells its name Thee Rascals, not The Rascals? What's with the extra e? And what's with the extra e on this post about Joey Romo's murder on the AVNC forum: "Let us be strong and help THEE ROMOS get through these tough times."


Ellen Bloom said...

Maybe it's an Eastside legacy thing. Remember the Chicano rock 'n roll group, Thee Midnighters?

You can read about them here:


Emily Sinclair & Steve Joachim said...

I think they deserve high marks for trying to bring back Olde English.

Regina Go said...

They just do it for exaggeration. there is no real meaning. It's a territory thing. Depending on which "side" of Atwater you are on it is either for recognition from fellow gangmembers or to show pride and strike fear into their enemies. Sounds silly, and it is, but that's the dynamics of your typical L.A. street gang.

BuGzY said...

the rascals are studdering idiots. All 10 of them

Anonymous said...

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