March 31, 2009

'Go Inside, Lock Your Doors'

Hot Pursuit
THERE BETTER be a good explanation for this.

9:30pm: At least 2 police helicopters have been circling an area around Sunnynook Drive in central Atwater Village. Searchlights on, supported by a handful of LAPD street cruisers.

9:40pm: Voice from the sky proclaims to us all something like, "Turn off your lights. Go inside. Lock your doors." We did.

9:50pm: Are there 3 more copters up there? A bit higher, might be TV.

10:00pm: A couple of helicopters remain, no searchlights, hovering in place.

10:04pm: KCAL 9 reports a boy, 17, gunned down in Atwater Village. Police on the hunt for 2 men seen running away from the scene on Glenmanor Place.

10:10pm: FOX 11 reports from above; 9:15pm LAPD gets report of shots fired in 2900 block of Glenmanor Place; 17-year-old boy with gunshot wound to head; paramedics pronounce victim dead on scene; officers combing entire neighborhood; "very large perimeter set up."

10:20pm: Quiet again. Choppers gone. Neighbors out walking dogs. But ... should they?

10:35pm: KCAL/CBS has video online.

7:30am the next day: ABC 7 now saying the victim was "a 20-year-old gang member" shot "once in the head and declared dead at the scene" by a suspect "described as a man about 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall."

2:30pm the next day: CBS/KCAL now saying the victim was 19-year-old Joey Romo.

(Is it worth noting this is the second Romo kid killed in 4 years? Michael "Mikey" Romo, a recent high-school grad at the time, was gunned down gunned down Dec. 31, 2005.)

5:00pm the next day: LAist is saying the late Joey Romo was in "an argument" on the block when the shooting happened.

10:00pm the next day: LAPD Captain Bill Murphy calls it a "gang-related homicide" and reports "numerous shots were fired." He's asking for witnesses to call Northeast Homicide, (213) 847-4261.

More: Chatter on the AVNC forum.


Super said...

Thats what the chopper sed? staying tuned...

ebs said...

saw an few arrest taking place earlier, on glenhurst & tyburn around 7:45. undercover and uniformed cops involved. maybe related??

Super said...

On another note, does it seem like they're flying a little too low sometimes? On other days i mean...or is it just me being extremely sensitive and or paranoid?

Erika said...

I'm at Ingledale and Glenfeliz, one block over from the "shooting". Didn't know what was going on until I found this website. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Saw someone run through my yard right after they told us to go inside. I was walking home from dinner.

Erika said...

2 white men fled to the west of the scene, so away from Glendale. 17-year old kid dead in the street. sad.

Super said...

I really hope they catch these blokes!

Matt Chait said...

And a few weeks ago we had helicopters over our house on Garden for several hours. Many calls to the police, each time with different 'explanations' as to what was happening. Anything from gang violence to a fight to just needing 'light to see something'.
I asked if we should turn the lights OFF or ON or what.. and they said to do what I felt 'comfortable' doing. Seems like LAPD Northeast division isnt that hot, and for whatever reason we dont get any help from the Glendale police.
Lots of action in the neighborhood lately is all Im saying..

Otto said...

Heard the gunshots and decided to go inside. As I did saw someone on a bike go flying down sunnynook and up onto the river. Never saw any cops even checking out that possibility.
Anyone think we should get that river access blocked off??????

Miles said...

We've had choppers overhead many times over the last ten years and we used to call the NE division and got the runaround. We don't call anymore. I think they should be able to provide some kind of answer if the spotlight's on your perenials, doncha?

iloveatwater said...

The Atwater Village Rascals 13 (TRS13) originated in the late 70s. The gang was formed by latinos in the central and southern part of atwater village , Thats from Loz Feliz down south past Fletcher dr. to Carillon St. The rivalry between Rascals and Toonerville started back in the early 80s when Timothy McGee wanted to join The Rascals gang. They did not grant him membership so he joined the gang to the north of atwater/glendale named Toonerville.
After a few years of being enemies and couple of members from Toonerville were murdered, Toonerville gang members wanted peace in the early 90s with The Rascals , they rejected that peace witch is why where living through this war between to gangs.