April 25, 2009

Atwater Village: 'Nice Transition to Suburbia'

Home! Atwater VillageHERE'S HOW our neighborhood gets portrayed in a roundup of stereotypes about the 5 Los Angeles hipster boroughs (Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Echo Park, Koreatown, Atwater Village):
Atwater Village: This is the closest to suburbia you will get within the 5 LA Hipster Boroughs. Mostly consisting of homes instead of apartments, this is where hipsters go to have families yet somehow stay connected to their skinny jean roots. Volkswagens in Atwater are like BMWs in Beverly Hills. People from Atwater make their kids look dumb by putting fake vintage tees on them, and will take their family to the Farmers Markets because organic food is good for their health. In reality these hipsters need to suck it up and just move into Glendale, Burbank or Pasadena but in the meantime Atwater is a nice transition to conservative suburbia.
I guess Glendale and Burbank qualify as "suburbia" till you've taken a spin out to someplace like Rancho Cucamonga.


Susan said...

I have to say, that description of Atwater is really, really funny. They can't possibly be serious.

katiesmurphy said...

what the hell is that guy so angry at anyway. sheesh.