April 5, 2009

What a Pair of Vegan Sisters Ate in Atwater Village

TWO SISTERS regularly tour vegan restaurants in Los Angeles, and in this video they try Atwater Village's own Hugo's Tacos, 3300 Glendale Blvd.

For their "cheapest meal of the day," Whitney and Mary found Hugo's $6 vegan-cheese burrito "fresh and healthy," and the $2 chocolate-caramel swirl Frozato soft-serve "better than Scoops."


tomN! said...

Hooray for vegan food in my 'hood!
I was very happy when Hugo's opened here. Anytime I see the word "vegan" used on a menu is really exciting.

Rachael said...

Hugo's tacos are the best. I like the ones at Loteria Grill too. Mmm.

Whitney Lauritsen said...

Thanks for posting this!

~ Whitney