April 10, 2009

Reports from the Gang Violence Q&A

REPORTS ARE COMING in from reader emails and AVNC forum posts about last night's gang violence Q&A at the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council meeting:
  • The Joey Romo homicide investigation is ongoing. It's likely there were eyewitnesses who could help, but none have come forward. 
  • The series of shots heard just 32 hours after the Romo killing may have involved someone shooting at a house, possibly in a case of mistaken identity or retaliation.
  • The police qualify these as isolated incidents, not part of a greater gang campaign or "all-out war."
  • And LAPD urges Atwater Villagers to engage in more Neighborhood Watch activities, like phone trees.
For what it's worth, Atwater Village suffers a fraction of the gang-related crimes found in neighborhoods in the east side of South LA and in the San Fernando Valley. So gang intervention activities from the likes of Aztec Rising typically don't focus on our area. But it's always worth asking.

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