April 15, 2009

Newbies' First Visit to Angel Stadium

Adenhart Memorial
THIS SUNDAY we made our first visit to Angel Stadium in Anaheim. The Angels had just lost rookie Nick Adenhart to a hit-and-run accident, prompting overflowing fan memorials and, perhaps, contributing to tensions behind a bench-clearing near-brawl in the first inning.

The Angels ended up squeaking by the Boston Red Sox, 5-4, and opened the field after the game for an Easter Sunday kids run around the bases

Is Angel Stadium worth winging the 30-mile journey from Atwater Village? Pros: Easier parking, clean facilities, even a train station in the parking lot. Cons: weird suburban stadium construction, train schedules not exactly well coordinated with game times.

Chances we'll return: High as halos, especially since the Angels live much closer than the Dodgers do to a lot of the other places (and people!) we like to see in Southern California.

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