April 7, 2009

Romo Murder Not Showing on LAPD Crime Map

WHAT GIVES? I'm not the best at navigating the kludgy Los Angeles Police Department's crime map, but shouldn't these parameters produce results that include the March 31 murder of Joey Romo in Atwater Village?
  • Address: 3101 Glendale Blvd. (within 1 mile of incident)
  • End Date: 04/03/2009 
  • Date Range: 7 days (for week of March 27 to April 3)
  • Radius: 1 mile
Crimes listed for central Atwater in that timeframe are: April 2 assault in 3600 block of Brunswick Avenue, and April 3 theft in 3400 block of Garden Avenue.

Nothing for March 31. Nothing for 2900 block Glenmanor Place.

(By the way, a much better representation of local activity: Every Block's Atwater Village crime list. See the last 92 neighborhood crimes according to LAPD data. Still, no Romo.)


Colin D said...

SpotCrime mapped this the day after it happened. http://spotcrime.com/crime/3850861-fa26fb4b91720605355277bde8c45dab

Geoff said...

We have a neighborhood mailing list in Laurel Canyon. On several occasions people have reported crimes that have never subsequently appeared on the map. At least two were car thefts, which almost certainly would have been reported to the police.

Colin D said...

Feel free to self report on SpotCrime.com.