April 2, 2009

Again Today? Neighbors Hear 4-5 'Shots' in Wee Hours

Police, ParamedicsATWATER VILLAGE neighbors report hearing 4 to 5 "shots" sometime between 3:30am and 4:00am this morning. (Details on the AVNC forum.) I heard them too. They woke me up. But they sounded too regular to be gunshots. Too mechanical. And the helicopter that flew over 10-20 minutes later didn't seem to have on searchlights. So was it gunfire? Again? For the second time in less than 32 hours? Inquring neighbors want to know.

Non-homicidal theory #1: Something to do with the nearby trains?

Non-homicidal theory #2: Something to do with film shoot on Riverside Drive?

Semi-homicidal theory #3: A few days later at a gang violence Q&A, one possible explanation was that someone was shooting at a house, perhaps in a case of mistaken identity or retaliation for the Joey Romo hit. Should this make us feel better?


NewVillager said...

I live on Greensward. I didn't hear the "shots," but I heard the sirens and helicopter. The helicopter seemed to be hovering a little ways away from our house, not directly over it like the other night.

We're new to Atwater. What's going on around here?

Super said...

Yes, I heard them from Valleybrink. I hope we get this sorted!

The Citizen said...

Might have been the film they were shooting over on Riverside. The notice they put on my door said there would be explosions. The only problem is that they should have wrapped by that time, but productions are always going over and have little consideration for the neighbors they disrupt.

Miles said...

What I find amazing is that the LA Times which supposedly has retrenched to focus more on local issues, has not yet had one report on this. WTF?