April 19, 2009

Early Sunday: Gunshots in South Atwater Village

NEIGHBORS REPORT hearing up to 7 gunshots followed by cars quickly escaping in South Atwater Village around 3:00am this morning, April 19. More on the AVNC forum. So who still thinks these are isolated incidents?


Regina Go said...

just another day in L.A.

mjs said...

One year ago, my wife and I moved from Atwater Village up to Portland, Oregon. We loved our AV neighborhood, but were at a loss as to what to do to end the cancer that is the gang scene--Atwater Village's slice of urban terrorism.

We lived across the street from the location where Michael Romo was gunned down on New Year's Eve in 2005. Another young man had been shot dead (on Valleybrink near Glenmanor) in broad daylight in December of 2003, just another seventy-five feet or so from where M. Romo breathed his last. You cannot reason with a bullet.

The Los Angeles River is paved not just with cement but with the blood of these foolish children. I miss L.A. but I don't miss the helicopters and the gang violence. We may move back some day. In the meantime: peace to all.