April 21, 2009

Alas, Some Atwater Village Love from LA Magazine

Atwater Village in LA Mag
THE MAY 2009 issue of Los Angeles Magazine dedicates 2 pages to the banana-shaped northeast LA neighborhood we call Atwater Village.

"Warrants the 'village' moniker." "Relaxed enclave." "Small-town experience." Their words and, despite certain recent events, still ours. The magazine profiles much of what we agree the AV and its 18,000 residents are really all about:
LA Times' West magazine gave us a similar showcase in February 2007.


sage said...

Thats awesome- thank you so much for this info.

55 Degree Wine said...

We love Atwater, thanks for the post :-)

Above the City said...

Cool. A couple months ago they had one on Highland Park. Good to see some love out this way.