February 5, 2007

LA Times Eyes Atwater Village

From LA Times West Magazine
Our sliver in northeast Los Angeles gets a whole page to itself in yesterday's LA Times West Magazine. Covered:
  • Jill's Paint, 3534 Larga Ave. - "Has Home Depot and its ilk trounced"
  • Fantasy bungalows, 3636-3742 Brunswick Ave. - "Built in the 1920s by real estate agent Barney B. Kenoffel, who was believed to have been inspired by silent-film sets and sensational newspaper reports about the discovery of King Tut's tomb"
  • Club Tee Gee, 3210 Glendale Blvd. - "Popular hangout celebrated its 60th anniversary with a soiree attended by Councilmen Tom LaBonge and Eric Garcetti"
  • Tacos Villa Corona, 3185 Glendale Blvd. - Named for the burritos the owner's mother made for her father
  • Los Feliz Municipal Golf Course - "Favorite of struggling actors after it was featured in the indie hit 'Swingers'"
  • Los Feliz Cafe, 3207 Los Feliz Blvd.- "Often-packed greasy spoon"
Not covered: LA Times' own darling bistro, Canele, 3219 Glendale Blvd., which the paper raves about here, here and here.

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