October 12, 2006

Diminutive French Pastry Could Save Neighborhood

Zooming down Glendale Blvd. at 45MPH - tsk, tsk - you might miss little Canele, but it's making a big difference in Atwater Village. (What, you mean Starbucks isn't going to save us?) So sayeth the Los Angeles Times:

Open only a few weeks, it's still green, but Canele could be just what's needed to rev up the neighborhood...

Canele is named for the diminutive French pastry cooked in fluted copper molds. After you've finished, as you head out the door, you're offered a warm canele.

These are notoriously difficult to make, and Canele's bakers don't have them quite down. They'll get there.

Right now it's the gesture that counts. It's a little something to say thank you for coming.

[Image from shes-krafty]

1 comment:

Miles said...

Glad to see S. Irene could make it to the hood. I agree with her, though, the prices could come down a notch. Otherwise, a great addition to Atwater!