February 12, 2007

New Business Opens in Atwater Village Without Telling Me

Lux Decor, Who Are You?
WHO ARE YOU, LUX DECOR? Tell me of your furniture, accessories and antiques. All I know now is how you sit between LA Bread and Soler Dental on Los Feliz Boulevard.

Mine may not be the best-written or most-read blog in Los Angeles. But it does attract at least 150 readers every weekday. On good days, when I bait Curbed LA, Franklin Avenue or LAist into linking to me, it's closer to 250. Last month: 5,000 total visitors.

Most are looking for information about Atwater Village. (Duh.) Some specifically want to learn about neighborhood restaurants and businesses. (Canele, anyone?) So keep me in the loop:
atwatervillagenewbie [at] gmail [dot] com
That's atwatervillagenewbie, all one word, followed by the @ sign (shift-2 on most keyboards), followed by gmail.com (the world's greatest free email service).

Send me a flier or a coupon or something. I can't promise coverage. And if I do, I might not say nice things. But I'm spittin' distance from all the business districts along Los Feliz Blvd., Glendale Blvd, and Fletcher Drive. And it's just an email we're talking about.


JAX said...

hahaha i most certainly read your blog. im down with coupins too. score some for me!! JAX

The Tribe said...


I think this is the same Lux Decor as the one that was originally in Old Town Pasadena (before the Church of Scientology bought up the building and kicked all the businesses out). They sell 'oriental fusion' furniture (for lack of a better word). The furniture is pretty interesting and unique.

Silver Lake Guy said...

I agree they have very unique stuffs and resonable price. I do like the fact that they are not only have all the big furnitures, they also have a small gifts and home furnishing items with a smaller price tag for me to buy.

WeHoAndy said...

I've known the shop owner at Lux Decor for years, and I'm glad he made his "new" home in Atwater Village. His shop is a treasure trove of Asian imports, everything from vintage artwork and furniture to smaller items like tea pots, incense and jewelry. Stop in and say hello (tell him Andy sent you!).