February 14, 2007

LA's 'Neglected Majority'

FACING STIFF COMPETITION from all the other glossy lifestyle/city Los Angeles magazines and Web sites, Real Talk LA is due in May with this angle:
"...New glossy lifestyle/city magazine targeting Los Angeles' 'neglected' majority - the upscale apsirational Multiculturals; Latin, African-Americans, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, and European-Americans.

"This is a gutsy, smart, sophisticated, sharp mag. Our readers like Wired, Good, Interview, Wallpaper, Rolling Stone, Fortune, Esquire, Bon Appetit, Oprah, Travel and Leisure ... they want a visual experience, spiritual depth, and a reading experience.

"This is not an 'urban' magazine per se. It is a city magazine for global thinkers. We are recreating the medium."
With all these targeted ethnicities, I wonder what language the medium will be recreated in.

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