February 22, 2007

Cole Massie, Neighborhood Superkid

LET'S FOLLOW THE RAPID RISE of one Atwater Village youngster:
  • TLC series 'My Life as a Child' - "Monday's opening installment looks at ... Cole Massie, a 9-year-old Atwater Village boy with a delightfully sunny disposition despite the serious challenges cerebral palsy has thrown at him." [San Bernadino County Sun]
  • Boy with cerebral palsy learns karate - "The sensei announced that in 25 years as a teacher he never had one student score 100 percent on his yellow-belt test. Cole Massie was his first." [LA Daily News]
  • Kids liven up press tour - "Cole, who has cerebral palsy and was on stage with his service dog whom he called his brother: 'I'm in a wheelchair and all this stuff. I can do things your average person can, just in a different way.'" [LA Times]
  • Strides Rider in Rose Parade - "We were delighted on New Years Day to see our own rider, Cole... riding atop the Ronald McDonald House Charities float..." [Strides News]
  • Got Some Game - "The youngster battling cerebral palsy got a group of USC players to get him out of his wheelchair to play catch." [The Press-Enterprise]
Surely there's more to come. Cole's episode of "My Life As a Child" airs Monday Feb. 26 on TLC.

Photo from TLC


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