February 27, 2007

Arthur: On the Rocks

IF YOU HAVEN'T READ it by now, you've missed your chance. Arthur, the peace-and-love, music-and-drug five-year-old 'zine headquartered at an Atwater Village apartment, has gone cold turkey.
"As of Friday, Feb. 23rd, Arthur Magazine is on indefinite hiatus... Thank you to staff, contributors, distributors, readers and advertisers for all your dedication."
In the publishing industry quote of the year, editor Jay Babcock told the Village Voice, "The magazine can't be restarted. It's a done deal. It's dead. The situation can't be unfucked."

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sherru said...

This is sad, Arthur was a great free publication that covered all forms of great weirdo music. I think they MADE Devendra Banhart into the hippie neofolk star he is today. They threw a pretty good little music festival with in 05 Yoko Ono and other assorted misfits at the Barnsdale Art Park. Things will never be as weird again.