February 15, 2007

Mesoamerican Atwater Village

Mesoamerican Plaza 8
Mesoamerican Atwater 1
Does anyone know what these circular pictogram thingies are called? Within 24 hours I witnessed the one at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills and the one at La Azteca restaurant in Atwater Village.


AVN said...

Are these Aztec calendars, maybe? I guess I could have read the plaque at Forest Lawn. - AVN

Anonymous said...

Close, I think they're actually Mayan calendars:


The wikipedia entry is very detailed, but doesn't show a picture of the full item, but that site does.

ninatim said...

I'm pretty sure it's the Aztec calendar, based on the "Stone of the Sun". The Aztecs borrowed from teh Maya who borrowed from the Olmecs, so that's why some of the mythology and glyphs are similar.