February 23, 2007

Atwatergate: A Few Logical Follow-Ups

WITH THE ATWATER VILLAGE Neighborhood Council election canceled for the third time in less than a year, one has to wonder:

1. Why cancel an entire election for alleged infractions of only two of the 14 candidates?

2. How can someone from Reseda cancel an AVNC election, issue a 660-word gossip column non election report, and then refer "all questions about the report and the canceled election to the current AVNC Board"?

3. Shouldn't the election be postponed instead of canceled?

4. Who gains from eliminating two of the three candidates for business representative?

5. Will Mrs. Newbie and I ever get to vote in a neighborhood election?

1 comment:

sagedj said...

I think the only business candidate left would be Jeff Gardner-- sorry if I am wrong but i think he had something to do with bringing the lovely strip mall we have on Glendale. Not that I think the owner of Bills liquor is a better candidate condsidering the state of his store and the homeless(homeless looking) patrons that buy liquor there and drink it in the back parking lot. We were almost encouraged to vote this year too despite the choice of venue.