February 22, 2007

'Please Don't Call Help, We're OK'

Issis, LA River Dweller
LOCAL TV WAS A NO-SHOW at the Los Angeles River rescue in Atwater Village two months ago, but made it to one on Monday. KCAL 9 gets an earful from "Issis," the rescued woman who lives on a strip of earth in the river:
"I've lived down there for like seven years. We watched the weather. We're river rats. We know. I mean, look at it. It's beautiful now. The water has gone down like five, six inches already.

"She screamed down, 'Don't try and cross the river.' And we tried to yell up, 'We're not trying to cross the river.' And she calls 911. We're like, please don't call help. We're OK. We're just trying to be nonchalant."
More than 100 LA and Glendale firefighters were involved in the midday rescue.
"They were real Christian about it. Just real kind. Made sure we were OK."


MJS said...

I was there on Monday with two others (out for a bike ride that we never did quite finish)--we were the ones who noticed the tent on the island and who called ASK-LAPD--soon thereafter came all of the Swift Water rescue team, along with L.A. & Glendale Fire and LAPD, etc. The couple did not want to be rescued and yelled at us "we're fine"--once we saw them we were of the opinion they should not be where they were. Sweeps are performed periodically to remove homeless from these slender river islands, but this couple must have set up camp recently.

Channel 9 news did a horrible job of reporting the story, characterizing it as "good samaritans" somehow not understanding that Isis and her man were doing just fine, thank you. We didn't "misunderstand" anything. Though the water was not high by storm-runoff standards any attempt to cross would have likely resulted in severe injuries or drowning. Had we done nothing and injuries or death ensued...you get the picture, yes? We wrote Channel 9 about their news broadcast but did not hear back from them (surprise!)--they repeated the same coverage at least two or three times that we saw.

I took a number of pics of the rescue--I'll put some of them up and provide you with a link.

A fellow Atwater Villager...


AVN said...

It would be nice if local TV reporters would, once in a while, remember that there's another side to the story. Looking forward to the pics! - AVN

MJS said...

Here's a link to images from the President's Day rescue...