February 8, 2007

Rascals: Better Luck Next Year

Rascals Get Behind Mural
IT'S AWARD SEASON IN GANGLAND. And the Rascals of Atwater Village were left off Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's list of most dangerous gangs. (PDF here.)

Hardly one of LA's largest multi-level outdoor marketing and youth leadership organizations, the Rascals will no doubt continue to terrorize northeast Los Angeles residents with persistent re-painting of the backside of murals and giant purple walls.

And the winners are:
  • 204th Street (Harbor Gateway)
  • Canoga Park Alabama
  • 18th Street (Westside)
  • Avenues (Northeast Division)
  • Grape Street Crips (Southeast)
  • Black P-Stones (Southwest)
  • La Mirada Locos (Rampart, Northeast)
  • Mara Salvatrucha (Rampart, Hollywood, Wilshire)
  • Rollin' 40s (Southwest)
  • Rollin' 30s (Southwest)
  • Rollin' 60s (77th Street Division)


pr4ever said...

Pinoy Real (PR) pronounced Pinoy Re-al street gang was founded in the early 1980's in Atwater Village, California. Located 9 miles Northeast of Downtown L.A. Pinoy is a Filipino slang name for a Filipino male. Real used in a Spanish term, pronounced Re-al which means Royal or King. The gang name is abbreviated to PR or PRG (G meaning Gang).

PR members are of predominantly Filipino and Asian descent but also include dedicated Latinos, Blacks and Whites in the gang. Latinos in the Gang associated the abbreviated name to PR13, which represents Southside or SUR which represents their affiliation to Surenos prison gang.

PR do not sport any specific colors or claim Bloods or Crips. PR members are known to sport Pittsburgh Pirates apparel. PR's known criminal activities include home invasion, kidnapping and torture (of rival gang members), extortion, arson, auto theft, robberies, narcotics sales, assault, shootings and numerous known & unknown homicides.

Atwater (L.A. side) PR has a long history of continued rivalry between Hispanic gangs ToonerVille Rifa (TVR) and Temple St (TST) along with other Filipino gangs. Thee Rascals Gang (TRS) and PR kept mutual respect and shared the same Atwater village torritory. PR and TRS has fought side by side to keep rivals out of Atwater.

Older Atwater clique called "PR Crazies" or PRC was known as one of most ruthless PR cliques, that conducted many violent acts against rival gangs. It has been known that smaller Filipino gangs have clicked up with PR at certain times. With PR’s assistance these smaller Filipino gangs are able to carry out violent attacks against their rival gangs.

Pinay Real or PYR was the female side of PR. No longer active, some have settled down with older PR members.

PR has established many sets through out the years and certain sets are low in concentration and/or activity. Today PR is considered the most hated "Filipino gang" among their Hispanic, Filipino, and Asian gang rivals due to many unpleasant encounters with PR in the past.

Pinoy Real has known sets throughout Southern California and Las Vegas and Philippines. Active sets includes: Atwater Village, Granada Hills, Norwalk, West Covina, Hawthorne, Rancho Cucamonga, Pasadena, Las Vegas, Culver City, Anaheim, Rowland Heights to name a few. Pinoy Real Gang is considered one of the largest and most violent of Filipino gangs in Southern California.

AVN said...

"PR and TRS has fought side by side to keep rivals out of Atwater."

How cute. Like rival knitting clubs joining needles over an AIDS quilt.

Miles said...

Brings a tear to my glass eye.

Miles said...

Sadly, it seems that the tagging war has ramped back up. Just a friendly reminder to our neighbors that the quicker you paint over the graffitti, the less likely the taggers will tag the same spot again.

Benjamin said...


Thought this might interest people...

Sherrie said...

Oy, we here in Glassell Park do indeed see a lot of the Avenues locos. I have never seen a La Mirada Loco up close though. Wish they'd wear snazzy t shirts so I can keep everyone straight.

smackdown said...

PR? Never heard of it. I've heard a few, i repeat a few people mention Filipino gangs before but I have never ran into any here in North East LA. I've seen a few who imitate the chicano gangster dress style before, you know the creaed down baggy pants, clean white t-shirt, shaved head and so on. But they seem like they are just playing dress up, not really gangsters. I mean, what would they do when Avenues hits them up, or Dog Town or Highland Park. These flips wouldn't have a chance. I mean to be a gang, you have to stand your own ground and honestly these chicano gangs could break up these filipino wanna be gangs in a minute if they so desired.

rico said...

You sound like a cop smackdown

pr4ever said...

Looks like PR has a website.


Boolay said...
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