December 16, 2006

Neighborhood Bistro Gets One Last Flan Job

Seriously, for 2006, can this be the last heap of love piled on Canele? I think the column inches dedicated to this tiny Atwater Village bistro have surpassed its ability to seat customers.

Update to the update on the LA mediasphere's drooling affair with 3219 Glendale Blvd., from Los Angeles Magazine's first annual (and not yet available online) restaurant awards.

Finest Flan - A great dessert is an exclamation point. It continues the atmosphere imparted by a meal while bringing the experience to a close. The flan at Canele might not seem like much, yet it is everything. The caramel is nut brown and a powerful contrast with the custard - and what a custard. It's been poached slowly in a water bath at such a low temperature, not a single bubble has formed. As the flan is unmolded - the ribbon of pooling caramel supplying the sauce - we are reminded of what a lot of care can accomplish with sugar, milk and eggs.

The LA Times also flaunted the flan:

The kitchen also produces a superlative flan, again in a classic style, with a fine silken texture, napped with irresistible burnt caramel. And built to share.

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