February 22, 2007

LA Mag Jumps on Canele Flanwagon

LA Mag on Canele Bandwagon
IT'S OFFICIALLY A MEDIA DARLING. Atwater Village bistro Canele (3219 Glendale Blvd.) has been positively inked by the leading daily, weekly and, now, monthly print publications in Los Angeles.

As follow-up to its restaurant award dessert blurb, Los Angeles Magazine gives Canele the full photo-and-caption treatment:
"Chef Corina Weibel, formerly of Lucques, is bringing aioli-intensive, Cal-Mediterranean cooking to Atwater Village. The walls are exposed brick, the kitchen is open, and the atmosphere is relentlessly festive. A pissal-adiere appetizer crowns a browned and blistered crust with tangy cooked-down onions. Herb-roasted leg of lamb with braised endive and grapefruit and Israeli couscous whips around several cultures before finding its own perfect place. The flan's an ideal dessert. Reservations not accepted."


AVN said...

Man, try re-typing "aioli-intensive," "Cal-Mediterranean" and "pissal-adiere" all in one paragraph. It's not easy taking dictation from a print magazine. LA Mag needs to update its web site. - AVN

Miles said...

LA Mag website is hideous. Canele is great. I'm glad we're on the same page.

Can Canele now please start taking reservations. Oh, and, I don't know if this is the requisite backlash or not, but we've noticed a slightly snotty attitude from people who answer the phone there.

Note to Canele: Atwater Village(and Gourmet L.A.) loves you -- be kind back.