February 26, 2007

Newspaper Surfer Sniffing Around

LA Times Puts Us in the Valley
SOMEONE AT THE LOS ANGELES TIMES is curious about Atwater Village. Today the Newbie blog saw two visitors from latimes.com. (Maybe one visitor twice?)

One hit came from a search for industrial lofts in Atwater Village. The other from Googling Jill's Paints Los Angeles.

They viewed a total 13 pages. Article research? Or personal relocation? Perhaps I can help: atwatervillagenewbie at gmail.

P.S. - I love Sitemeter.


Miles said...

I was just thinking today that some crafty newsman or woman should pop over to you and read up on the election b.s. There's a story to be told, I'm sure. LATimes.com -- you listening?

AVN said...

Yeah, you'd think! I emailed the LA Times reporter behind this piece about how neighborhood councils are "blunted by infighting, poor community outreach and a lack of influence with key city departments." Couldn't have a better real-world example than our own AVNC non elections. Also something fun for LA's new Department of Neighborhood Empowerment general manager.