June 27, 2006

Hairdresser Rumor Alert

Hairdressers have access unlike the rest of us. Something about pointing sharp objects at our heads. They learn things. Half-baked things, sometimes. But often they're fully baked. (The rumors. Not the hairdressers.) From Eating LA:

Is there a gentrifying cranny of the city that doesn't have its own wine bar in the works? My hairdresser tells me that a new wine bar is coming to the former Ranch market space in Atwater where Starbucks is also supposedly going in.

This could arrest the reports and rumors bouncing around Atwater Village for months. Congrats, wine sippers. Sorry, SBUX haters.

Maybe this new joint can class up the neighborhood the way Asia Los Feliz does, with a giant TV aiming out floor-to-ceiling windows so neighbors (and drivers waiting at Los Feliz and Glenfeliz Blvds.) will never miss another sports highlight.


Miles said...

yay wine bar! can't happen soon enough. hate having to drive 5 minutes to silver lake wine.

sagedj said...


blogger said...

Drove by yesterday, didn't see any wine. Yet.