June 29, 2006

Now What Can We Do About I-5 South

I owe you, Richard Ankrom. Thanks to you, I made it to Atwater Village.

Here's the story. This February I came to Los Angeles to help scope out the move. I landed at LAX and immediately hopped on the freeways toward AV.

I had never driven in LA. I was understandably distracted by the size of the city, the speed of the traffic, the smell of the rental car. Navigating highway 110, my brain seized on one primary objective: Exit I-5 North.

Exiting from the 110 to I-5 North is much easier than it used to be, isn't it Richard? Thanks to your frustrations with California freeway signs - and your generous, elaborate fix involving aluminum, button reflectors and an orange safety vest - that downtown tangle of ramps and tunnels is a little more navigable for Newbies like me.



So thank you, Richard Ankrom. I'm glad, nearly five years later, your fix remains. And I'm glad you're not in jail.

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