June 29, 2006

Sunday Morning Shootout Drinking Game

Even before I moved to Los Angeles, I rarely missed an episode of Sunday Morning Shootout on AMC.

Unlike most entertainment-industry gabfests, Shootout entices guests into discussing the real nitty gritty of showbiz, like a dugout confab during rain delay. (The show's caption writers keep busy clarifying obscure references across the bottom of the screen.)

Also unlike any other talk show, Shootout is co-hosted by a gloriously awkward pairing: pie-in-the-sky Variety philosopher Peter Bart and money-takes-all studio honcho Peter Guber.

Play this drinking game with mimosas, screwdrivers and Bloody Marys. It's Sunday morning, after all.

Take one drink when:
  • Peter Guber says "derring-do"
  • Peter Guber says "lighting in a bottle" or any variation thereof ("They're looking for the lightning, but they can't find the bottle")
  • Peter Guber reminisces about the 70s
  • Peter Bart sounds like he's quoting one of his own columns
  • Peter Bart does a half-stand half-sit thing when greeting a guest
  • Peter Bart reminisces about the 70s
  • One of the Peters sports a blue button-down shirt
  • One of the Peters' chairs suddenly appears on the other side of the table
  • A guest pretends to pick up a coffee order
  • A guest reminisces about the 70s

Take two drinks when:
  • The episode is shot on location (Sundance, Cannes, anything other than the "coffee shop")
  • A guest is in a movie shown on one of the posters in the background
  • A coffee-shop patron breaks the "extras" wall by reacting to something on the show
  • A Peter and a guest sport blue button-down shirts on the same episode
  • In the two-guest format, the guests cross arms during handshake time with Peter and Peter
  • A guest hasn't been seen on American television since the 70s

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