June 13, 2006

Councilman Slurries Atwater Village

Spotlight on streets: Fellow villager Miles wants the pale concrete avenues re-done as often as the darker asphalt roads. Curbed LA gets graciously involved, and LA Council President Eric Garcetti's office - which made a good showing at the AV street fest this weekend - responds, suggesting some of it comes down to aesthetics:

"Existing streets got a thin layer of petroleum 'slurry.' This extends the life of the street by an average of 7 additional years, delaying the need for a full, expensive repaving.

"Concrete streets are more difficult. Since it's pretty much cost-prohibitive to repair them to their original state, the Bureau of Street Services (BOSS) prefers to fix them by paving them over with asphalt - which many residents, fond of the concrete streets, object to."

Fondness for concrete? I see what Miles sees. Compare two areas of Atwater Village - like north and south of Glendale Blvd. - and it's like day (smooth streets, manicured yards) and night (concrete cracks, lawn jalopies).

Might there be a connection between public property caretaking and private propety pride?

It extends to graffiti, too. What's the incentive for a business to repaint walls when it's next to a riverbed or bridge that's perenially tagged?


sagedj said...

Not sure when you last saw south of glendale blvd, but here on madera its pretty nice, in fact so nice that when HGTV did a profile on Los Angeles's cute neighborhoods- the Atwater Village section only featured our house and our neighbors house. I have worked very hard on our garden. Please stop praising the north and doggin the south - thanks

blogger said...

But if we weren't dogging each others' neighborhoods, what would half of LA talk about?

sagedj said...

we are in the same neighborhood-

sagedj said...

art, music, peace, kids life, the universe, god , books...................................................