June 30, 2006

LFL in 90 Seconds

Inspired by "LAT in 90 Seconds" over at Fishbowl LA, the Newbie covers the coverage in one of our local newspapers, the Los Feliz Ledger, which includes exactly one-third of Atwater Village. From the July 2006 issue:

Terse phone call of the month: In corrections and amplifications, "we were remiss in not mentioning the many volunteers from the Silver Lake Improvement Association that originally started the event [Beautification Day]."

It's the cops or the dumpster, kid: In this month's safety tip from Officer Chovan, "I recently overheard parents telling their child that if she didn't stop crying, the police would take her away... I had to stop that parent from making a terrible mistake."

Ice cream for restaurant reviews: Cold Stone Creamery: Not "on par" but "fun for the kids." Palazzo Gelato: "Translates to 'darn good ice cream'." Zanzabelle: "Eight foot giraffe." Svelte: "Good news for you Atkinians."

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