June 9, 2006

Back Atcha Franklin Avenue

The generous neighbors at FranklinAvenue.net, in an interesting post about blog-squatting, are sending all sorts of readers to us. Thanks for the props! And right back atcha: Your story about a decade's worth of migrating east in LA made me proud to live anywhere east of Vermont:
"I slowly became obsessed with Los Angeles history, with preserving L.A.'s fragile landmarks, with discovering new restaurants (hole-in-the-wall and famed alike), with trying to get the message across that Hollywood is just one tiny aspect of the nation's second-largest city. Ten years later, I'm not searching in vain for the city's center anymore. I find it everywhere I go."

P.S. - I tried to sign up for atwatervillage.blogspot.com, found it claimed but vacant, and had to settle for this hyphenated version. At least I come up higher in searches.


meta said...

Hi neighbor! I've lived in the AV for 3+ years now and love it. Welcome! Check out my blog at http://metalablog.blogspot.com/

lopitos said...

newbie, you have a great blog... would love to give you my vacant blog (atwatervillage.blogspot.com) so you can put it to good use. contact me luis@lopezautomotive.com

blogger said...

Thanks, Luis, but I like it here. - AVN

Miles said...

Luis, you rock. If you ever need your car fixed, Luis is on Fletcher and Atwater and is a good way to support buisnesses in our little community!

meekorouse said...

=) hey AVN.. we found you some time ago, via Curbed La & Franklin Ave.. while we don't really blog (not really) I especially enjoy reading your blog and say of course you're a great blogger.. you do a great service to the LA blogging community and those of us who are searching for the perfect neighborhood & a voice for the non-driving folks out there.

Appreciate your blogging adventures as you commute & get to know your area first hand . Keep up the good work!

blog reader & lurky gal =)

blogger said...

Thanks meekorouse! I don't know if AV is the perfect neighborhood, but it sure is easy to enjoy sans car. - AVN