June 26, 2006

Atwater Chatter - Baja Glendale Edition

A roundup of news new and old concerning things in and around Atwater Village:

  • If you hold a community meeting about the future of the LA River, they will come
  • "We lived in Atwater Village (before it was cool) in a pink house."
  • New York Times discovers horses in Griffith Park
  • "I moved to Atwater Village, across the river from Silverlake, a vague place which is also described as Baja Glendale. I lived over on the less-bougie side of Glendale Blvd., in an ethnically diverse working class neighborhood that was visually bald and a little bleak, though convenient and not expensive. I walked up and down the concrete banks of the LA River for exercise." (LAist archive)
  • Black Maria Gallery's first anniversary exhibition
  • Oh, it's on, librarians: Atwater Village vs. Silver Lake in the battle for who loans out more books
  • I just moved to Los Angeles and, guess what, I'm not the only one
  • Monday night = Crazy ass karaoke

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