June 6, 2006

Where Bruce Willis Runs Into Ving Rhames

From a refreshing post about the nostalgic power of ice cream, here's a tidbit about the intersection near Foster's Freeze in AV:
"Susan and I made a special hot-afternoon trip over to the Foster's on Fletcher at the south end of Atwater Village... That intersection where the Foster's is served as the location for the scene in 'Pulp Fiction' after Bruce Willis' character ... runs into Ving Rhames' … literally."
Even if all the LA oldbies already knew it, what a cool factoid for a newbie like me. Even cooler is that when I was planning a move to Los Angeles this spring, I considered renting one of those apartments behind Ving Rhames.

I hope this post won't spoil the movie for anyone.


Miles said...

That is so freakin' cool!

Will said...

Way cool, glad I could help share ice cream and film location joy! It's interesting to note the traffic light added on the corner behind Ving in the film still you posted. You can even see the concrete base it's sitting in. Thanks for the link!

blogger said...

Thanks Will! It looks like they removed or masked the corner street sign too. I guess they wouldn't want anyone to find that fictional Teriyaki Donut shop.

Memo Pisa el Lodo said...

I have always wondered about this!!!

Spaceman Spiff said...

Some more Pulp Fiction local trivia:

The motel where Butch (Bruce Willis' character) and his wife hide out from Marcellus was on Riverside Drive, between the Hyperion bridge and the I-5 southbound on-ramp.

I believe the building was removed a few years ago, but if you watch the film where Butch and Fabienne leave the motel on the chopper, they clearly pull out onto Riverside Drive and then drive off.