June 19, 2006

Playing Dirty in the 43rd

California's 43rd Assembly District - including Atwater Village north of Los Feliz Blvd. - housed some ugly pre-election bickering between Armenians and Latinos. This Nouvelles d'Arménie article breaks it down:

"...The California Latino Leadership Fund (CLLF) sent an ugly mailer last week that tarnished the image of the entire Armenian American community.

"...Tens of thousands of non-Armenian voters received postcards as well as phone calls warning them against voting for Paul Krekorian, a Burbank Board of Education Member, because he was endorsed by the Armenian National Committee (ANC).

"The postcards and the phone calls were clearly meant to scare off the voters by linking Krekorian and the ANC to 'a suspected terrorist.'"

LA Weekly has an MP3 recording of the anti-Krekorian phone call. Did anyone else hear it? I'm south of Los Feliz Blvd., in the 45th District. We're less concerned with terrorism rhetoric than we are with candidates emancipating our pets.

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