June 19, 2006

Famima!! May Open Next in Glendale

Described as 7-Eleven meets Pacific Design Center by the droolers over at Curbed LA (also here and here) upscale Asian deli Famima!! has thousands of locations in Korea and Japan but just five in the US, all within Los Angeles County. Good news for us Atwater Villagers, the next location in this chain's ambitious roll-out might be over the tracks in Glendale.

Anyone know the exact address?

    UPDATE! Clue #3 - Extra-smart reader Mike from Franklin Ave. had the idea to actually call Famima. He says (in comments) the store is planned for 134 N. Brand Blvd. in beautiful downtown Glendale.


Mike said...

Hey AVN! I just called their Torrance office to find out, since I'm pretty interested as well... it'll be smack dab on Brand -- 134 N. Brand, to be exact.
Now, I've got a question for you: What exactly will be going in that old market on Glendale Blvd. in AV, currently being remodeled? I'd heard a Coffee Bean at one point, but do you have any new intel? (And I apologize in advance if I totally missed a past item on AVN about it!)

blogger said...

Across from Glendale Galleria and next to Jamba Juice? Nice sleuthing! A phone call. Why didn't I think of that?

As for Atwater Ranch Market, 3111 Glendale Blvd., an old post and a AV Chamber page point to a PDF plan that indicates development of a 960 sq ft chain coffee store. Page 3 sports at least four references to The Coffee Bean, five to Starbucks. Possibly wishful thinking?

The AV business forum has fallen into a pro-SBUX anti-SBUX debate. No help there.

Erin S. said...

The one in Hollywood (on Hollywood Blvd, somewhere between Highland and Cahuenga--missed the xstreet when I flew by this AM) already has its sign up and everything. Should be fun.

Scott said...

I've tried it out...Famima is really nice. Sushi was good, sandwiches were fresh and tasty. The banana dessert thing was amazing.

By the way, the name of the place is really FAMILY MART. Their stores in Japan are signed that way. Why did they go with Famima!!? I suspect to make it sound more Japanese and "cute."

This is forced cuteness, and this I will not abide. I'm going to call the place FAMILY MART myself, and I urge all right-thinking Americans to join with me.