June 1, 2006

Five Ways the De Leon Campaign Is Going to the Dogs

My inbox says Kevin De Leon, candidate for California State Assembly's District 45, "supports Atwater Village."


So why would he ... or someone from his campaign ... or someone from another entity that isn't allowed to coordinate with his campaign ... (thanks a lot, California campaign reform!) ... do any of the following:
  1. Send email I didn't register for
  2. Email me blind in a BCC
  3. Send email from Cesar Portillo, with no explanation of his connection to De Leon, and no mention that Portillo's firm contributed $100 to De Leon's campaign
  4. Email an empty message with a 292KB image attached (re-published to the right; awfully generous of me, eh?)
  5. Let someone's dogs out
If Kevin De Leon wants to support AV, he should know some of us - hell, let's go on a limb and say most of us - support anti-spam email practices. And we support our four-legged friends.

1 comment:

Miles said...

thanks for the double links and getting the word out.

love your welcome and new take on the city!