June 22, 2006

Silver Lake Finally Swallows Atwater Village

Though its chamber of commerce once spared Atwater Village from an attempted takeover of northeast Los Angeles, a celebrated Silver Lake architect and author has no such qualms. From a book review in this morning's LA Times:

Bohemian Modern:
Living in Silver Lake

by Barbara Bestor

"This worthy book is as difficult to define as the neighborhood it documents ... Even geographic boundaries are a bit fuzzy, with Echo Park, Atwater Village and Mt. Washington thrown in - perhaps an argument that Silver Lake has evolved to become not just a place but a state of mind."

While our own state of mind is open to this public display of affection from a designer who cut her teeth on Beastie Boys offices in Atwater Village, we have to wonder how many Silver Lake hipsters will start calling their real-estate agents when they hear half their neighborhood now lies east of I-5.


sherru said...

It's a kick ass book just for design ideas. Or to drool on. God knows I never look in a fancy book like this and then go out to buy a $1900 couch.

blogger said...

Isn't that what the CB2 catalog is for?

stockholm cindy said...

it is a beautiful book, even if the "bohemian modern" tag is vom-inducing.