March 24, 2006

Unarrested Development

Thanks to an astute reader of Curbed LA for shedding light on re-construction at the old Atwater Ranch Market (3111 Glendale Blvd.).



More drawings from the Atwater Chamber here, including a 13-page PDF presentation here.

So, a third bank along that stretch of Glendale? How many people really walk into banks any more? I know they're clean, good-paying tenants, but they're not exactly a draw. Are they?

And I also wonder how the indie Kaldi Coffee & Tea folks (about 400 feet away, same block) feel about this developer courting giants Starbucks and The Coffee Bean. (Though I'd lobby for a Peet's; the nearest is 6 miles away.)

P.S. - I just found this handwritten note on page 9 of the PDF to "maintain new mural." I wonder if the "new" mural is the colorful display on the building now or another one yet to come.

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