June 7, 2006

I Heart June Gloom

For someone struggling to acclimatize from a semi-arid mile-high locale, I sure do like these cool, gray days in LA.


Miles said...

As an LA native, I can also agree. There is nothing like June gloom. It comes around and you embrace it. Why? Cause you know the real summer (despite last week's freak global warming heat wave) won't really come until late July, August, September, and, yes, October. June cools you down so you can heat up!

citizenrobot said...

I disagree like crazy. I feel depressed and sleepy. I want blazing hot sunshine!

blogger said...

I'll try that frame of mind, Citizenrobot. I'll try to think like a senior citizen in Scottsdale. (Bring on the heat. Hotter, the better. It's 70 degrees? Brrrrrrrrrrr.)