June 22, 2006

Pain in the Asphalt

Yesterday Curbed LA pointed to yet another diss of Los Angeles as a "roadway hierarchy." When I moved here this spring, I heard some of the same complaints. Even the old pop song moans, "LA is a great big freeway."

I personally don't get it. Do people really see LA as a concrete city? Try Kansas City, Chicago, Denver or Las Vegas. Ever go to Brooklyn? Or Texas? Each of them would flunk art school for hogging all the brown and gray.

At least in LA you can see green. Even in winter. Even on the freeways. So you might think LA is "hopeless," Jim Kunstler, but dig a little deeper and you'll find there's plenty more to mock:


atwaterbandit said...

I must say that I'm shocked about the Canadians. I never would have thought so many unsavory characters live in our City. Very scary.

sherru said...

Whoo hoo! Street gangs!

I could have sworn SF had more homeless dudes than us. It certainly feels that way when you're up there.

I thought we had the largest flip population outside the Philippines too...? (I am allowed to say *flip* instead of filipino being filipina myself...)