December 12, 2006

Glendale Freeway Loses Fake I-2 Sign

Before. And after.

Same location. Same freeway. Two different designations.

Three months ago I noticed an odd sign. The "before" sign on the left - along southbound Riverside Drive near Atwater Village - pointed to California state highway 2 (Glendale Freeway). But it used the red, white and blue shield of a federal highway, Interstate 2.

One problem: Interstate 2 doesn't exist. The federal highway system has no I-2.

So I contacted City Council. They seemed to think the Glendale Freeway was, in fact, I-2, but added, "It is also the jurisdiction of Caltrans, so any questions you have about the 2 can be directed to them."

Caltrans replied, essentially, WTF? "The 2 is SR-2. If possible, can you please email us a picture and the location of the sign that says I-2." I did.

Three months go by. This morning I drive down Riverside. There's a new sign, the "after" sign on the right. It probably went up within the last week, because I drive that way every couple of days and check it. Obsessively, one might say.

Now the sign includes the correct green and white hut designating a state highway, California SR-2.

So it's fixed. But not explained. How did the Glendale Freeway get promoted - then demoted? Was it a Richard Ankrom stunt? A bureaucratic snafu? Or just wishful thinking tied to federal highway funds?


Anonymous said...

and i thought i had a lot of time on my hands...haha.

blogger said...

It didn't take too long. Not as long as it would take to photograph every Larry David lookalike. - AVN

Y said...

no fun - i enjoyed seeing the goofed sign. :( oh well, at least we have the pic.

barnhib said...

Boooo. That sign with the wrong shield has been there for years. Most people don't care enough to notice. Those that did notice probably thought it was funny or unique, and wanted it to stay. Then you move in. And apparently all your signs have to be perfect. To the point where you contact City Council. And Caltrans. And demand that this one of a kind sign be updated. To the same ones we see zillions of everywhere.