September 7, 2006

New Interstate Highway in the Works?

I know Angelenos are sometimes loosey-goosey with highway names. It's not Interstate 5 and California Highway 110. It's The 5 and The 110. But this sign along southbound Riverside Drive approaching the ramps to State Route 2 (the Glendale Freeway) seems loosey-goosier than usual.

The red, white and blue shield indicates an Interstate Highway, like I-5 or I-10, a freeway in the national system serving major US cities. The problem with this shield for I-2? According to many sources - Wikipedia,, the Feds - I-2 does not exist.

Every other Highway 2 sign along Riverside Drive shows the familiar green hut of California's state highway system. Could this be another example of Donald Trump-related sign mischief? Could freeway installation artist Richard Ankrom be up to a new stunt? Or is California's lowly state Glendale Freeway en route to a Interstate highway upgrade?


Scott said...

This must be reported to all highway nerd websites immediately.

But I sense a bureaucratic screwup is responsible.

blogger said...

I'm on it! AVN