December 30, 2006

Unlike Housing, They Like Surveys Stacked

Friends of Atwater Village is conducting a survey about the 90-unit Casitas Avenue Housing Project. Is this the scientific study developers and leaders can rely on for unbiased reporting of neighborhood preferences? Not exactly:

    What concerns, if any, would you have about a 90 unit apartment complex being built in Atwater Village?
    Check all that apply

    High population density

    Increase in crime activity

    Increase in noise levels

    Increase in air pollution

    Increase in traffic congestion on Casitas and
    adjacent streets

    Street parking problems

    Violates the "village" ambiance of Atwater Village

    Loss of privacy created by "high rise" complex

    Further overburden city services (schools, trash
    pickup, police/fire departments)

    Would encourage further high density housing
    development in Atwater Village

    Other (specify in General Comments section of

You can almost taste the begrudging obligation to insert "if any" and "none" into that question.

While I admire their concern over the beloved trash picker-uppers, I wonder if they could swap the city services answer for one of these:

    Unique architecture would provide showpiece for Atwater Village and northeast side of Los Angeles
    Multi-unit housing would complement development of Los Angeles Community College campus at nearby Van de Kamp bakery
    Would help Castias Avenue look less like a "dump" (This one's for Sung Lim Kee)

Take the survey here, but be warned: full name, full address and email address are required. They'll want to know exactly where to ship the lawn signs.


Anonymous said...

I got the survey this morning and thought exactly the same thing and basically wrote that in the only space available for comment.

While the development seems to be a bit fast tracked, I don't think that -- other than traffic and congestion -- it is any worse than what it will be replacing.

In fact, if developed well, it could aid in the redevelopment of the largely ignored Fletcher Ave.

blogger said...

Agreed. I think the Los Feliz Blvd. and Glendale Blvd. corridors have enough money thrown at them. It's time for Fletcher Ave. to cash in. - AVN