December 21, 2006

All Holiday Evils Found in Atwater Village

Experience the worst of holiday shopping at the Toys R Us store on Los Feliz Blvd. in Atwater Village. (Which is, in case you were confused, FOX11's Rick Lozano, in the city of Los Angeles.) More from LA Voice's Mack Reed:

You're moseying up Los Feliz Boulevard toward Toys R Us ... amazed at the number of times a couple of cars ahead zip from the right lane to the left and the back again...

The density of cars trying to find parking increases in direct disproportion to the likelihood of a parking space... In other words, parking at Toys R Us sucks...

Toys R Us - in addition to being a no-holds-barred cage match among burly, panicked-looking dads and grim-jawed abuelitas jockeying for position in 20-minute-long lines with armloads of immense toys - is not the perfect spot to find the Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank...

When the hell did LEGO kits start costing almost $100? Why is there nothing cool and fun related to Star Wars under $80 in this store? WTF???

Previously at the Toys R Us in Atwater Village: Employees would rather go home than search for a barfing child.

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