December 13, 2006

What Will These Developers Think of Next

A 90-unit housing development around the corner from a new campus for Los Angeles City College? How... convenient. From an Atwater Village Neighborhood Council committee meeting:

Architect, and professor of architecture, Marcello Spina presented a futuristic designed loft style housing development proposed for 3234 Casitas Ave.

The renderings showed a sloped design that looked more like a pyramid than a box. The design will not tower over any adjacent property.

The proposal includes eighty to ninety units ranging from five hundred to several thousand square feet and will conform to the existing forty five foot height limit.

Units will be designed for artists and professionals, but would accommodate families.

The neighborhood has at least two similarly-sized developments (one on Perlita Ave., another on Los Feliz Blvd.) but if the Casitas Ave. project is anything like Spina's other works, it will look like little else in Atwater Village. I've asked to see the designs. These are some of his others:

[Images from the hyper-hyphenated firm P-a-t-t-e-r-n-s]


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I saw this earlier this week. However, for the record, Perlita doesn't really have anything nearly as large as 90 units. The biggest apartment buildings on Perlita might have 10 or 15 units. 90 is overwhelming. I assume it's planned for the space that previously was going to be lofts. Should be interesting.

blogger said...

That Perlita development, if you count all the buildings in the association, must have at least 100 units, no? I imagine the Casitas development will be a bit more dense vertically, though. - AVN

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Maybe I'm wrong. I haven't seen any future plans for a development on Perlita. Are you referring to an existing development or a new one. If it's existing, there's nothing that size. If it's forthcoming, as a resident who lives on Perlita, I'm more than a little perturbed.

blogger said...

I'm thinking of that row of apartment buildings on Perlita, north of Los Feliz Blvd., adjacent to Best Buy and all that. I think they're condos. Seems like there's a lot of units, but spread out in a dozen buildings along a few blocks. I should walk over and take another look. - AVN

Anonymous said...

Ah, I'm on Perlita by Fletcher. I've heard of the other mysterious Perlita, but have never layed eyes on it. Thanks for clearing up.