December 19, 2006

FOX11 Learns Where LA Ends, Glendale Begins

This morning on FOX11's journalistically iffy Good Day LA, ace reporter slash community activist Rick Lozano got schooled in Los Angeles geography. From the mayor, no less.

Lozano's holiday charity "Toys for Tots" segment began at a Toys R Us location in, the TV caption said, Glendale. Problem is, Glendale doesn't have a Toys R Us. The store is at 2901 Los Feliz Blvd., in Atwater Village, in the city of Los Angeles.

Banter between Rick and the mental zeroes back in the studio posited that this remote locale might actually be "on the border" of LA and Glendale but, no matter, there were needy ethnic kids to exploit.

After a flurry of speculation over the future of Donald Trump's misbehaving Miss USA, another Toys for Tots segment started.

Again, it had the Glendale caption. But this time it had a special guest who was certainly not from Glendale.

Lozano spilled the beans. We've been debating, he told Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, what city we're actually in, that we might be on the border of Los Angeles and Glendale.

No, said the major of LA, this is "most definitely" LA.

By the end of the segment, no more than 30 seconds later, the caption across the bottom of FOX11's broadcast had changed from Glendale to Los Angeles.

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sagedj said...

They do this all the time-- I apparently with nothing better to do with my time wrote a letter to KTLA once after they did a segment on gas prices reporting Atwater stations as Glendale.