December 21, 2006

First Look at New Sci-Fi Housing in Atwater Village

First image emerges from proposed housing project on Casitas Avenue in Atwater Village. Thanks to Friends of Atwater Village:

From 3234-3274 Casitas Avenue... A 4-story building with approximately 90 units/apartments ranging in size from 550 to 2,200 sq. ft. on 10 lots (5,300 sq. ft. each).

The architectural design, a collaborate effort by Patterns and LRG Architects, gives a metallic 'sci-fi' feel...

Mr. Marcello Spina gave a detail explanation about the philosophical aspect of his architectural design which he refereed to as 'intelligent urban design' and 'natural urban growth.'

(Typos theirs. And the Patterns site is "suspended" now. See the architect's other "sci-fi" work here.)

Here's an aerial look at 3234 Casitas, as it stands, just across the tracks from a future northeast campus of Los Angeles Community College at the old Van de Kamp bakery.

Some people are in favor of the project, though not very diplomatically. From FAV:

Ms. Sung Lim Lee (a recent electee to the AVNC Board as Business Representative) ... stated that Casitas Ave looks like a 'dump' and expressed her opinion that long time residents on Casitas should be grateful for the improvement this project would bring.

But apparently there's some "public outrage." (No. Really?) Something about how the developers didn't rub everyone's shoulders enough before trying to sleep with them.

The process took less then two weeks from beginning to end and totally bypassed any outreach to the various community stakeholders...

As a result of the public outrage at the Board meeting regarding the lack of community outreach the AVNC Board has called for a Town Hall meeting on this matter for some time in January 2007.

Hmm, what was that LA Times story about infighting among neighborhood councils?

So, table this for "some time in January." Unless the council caves into its own penchant for rescheduling things.

Hey, at least the H&R Block is open.

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