December 20, 2006

Nikki Finke Wants Them to Have - Or Have Not

It doesn't matter if reality-show contestants are rich or poor. As long as all of them are rich or poor. So sayeth the bumblebee behind Nikki Finke's money-obsessed Deadline Hollywood Daily.

On the next season of The Apprentice: "Most disgusting is that each week's winning team will luxe it up in a Beverly Hills mansion, while the losers are in hell sleeping in two tents in the backyard without hot showers.... I'm nauseous thinking about it."

On the next season of Survivor: "While one team will live the life of luxury, the other team is left with virtually nothing. Uh, doesn't that defeat the whole point of the show... This high concept doesn't make any sense."

I'm not sure how much Nikki travels, but believe me, there are worse places to camp than Beverly Hills.

OK, back to Atwater Village cheerleading.

Apologies for the diversion.

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