December 13, 2006

Perhaps There Will Be a Wine Bar After All

At first it looked like Fergie and her bandmates would be stuck with mere lattes and taxes adjacent to their "dilapidated" studio. But pedestrian passersby and these meeting minutes from an Atwater Village Neighborhood Council seem to indicate a third, higher purpose for the former Atwater Ranch Market site:

Wine tasting business proposal for 3111 Glendale Blvd. was presented by Andy Hasroun. [Right, in photo, with LA City Council President Eric Garcetti.]

He indicated that beer consumption would be limited to twelve ounces per person at the store. Wine would be inventoried upstairs and storage would be located on the lower level. Hours of operation will be from 10:00am to 11:00pm, or less during the week days.

Another tenant in the center, H&R Block, is seasonal and will not use required spaces for most of the year.

Mr. Hasroun assured the committee that the new sound wall being built at the rear of the parking lot would prevent nearby homes from being affected.

No indication of when Atwater's answer to Eagle Rock's Colorado Wine Company might pop its first cork, but if it takes anywhere near as long as Starbucks has to get going, don't hold your breath.


sherru said...

They can't do this to me. I spend all my money on wine and one extra wine store (bless you CWC, SWC) within driving distance is going to be BAD NEWS for my bank account.

blogger said...

Save money. Walk to the wine bar. - AVN