December 3, 2006

No Chilaquiles for You!

I have yet to try the hole-in-the-wall Tacos Villas Corona (3185 Glendale Blvd.), though many from in and around Atwater Village whole-heartedly recommended it. And it's walking distance from our house.

But then I read this on the AV forum:

Is it just me or is the owner of Tacos Villa Corona excessively unhappy? Every time I go in there she refuses to budge on her menu creations and makes the biggest deal of giving salsa or chips. Anyone with a similar experience?

It's not just you, apparently. From Gomez Comes Alive:

The family owned and operated business was in full effect, with cranky mother getting upset with one of her daughter for how she was working. The daughter kept her cool and kept working, letting her mother blow off some steam. The mother yelled for what seemed 45 minutes.

I really wanted their Chilaquiles, which are very good, but noticed they took off the menu. I asked why. The daughter said, "Because the people around here can not say Chilaquiles, so we changed the name to Tortilla Burrito." I would have never noticed it had they not told me. Pinche Gabachos ruin everything.

After the Chilaquiles ... err ... Tortilla Burrito, the mother stopped yelling at her kids and went home. I was happy for her. They have had the place for over 12 years now, she works too hard.

All that hard work, and the Los Angeles Department of Public Health still slaps it with a B grade.


paul bailey said...

they still make some of the off menu items for their original customers. on a good day i can get her to make me the chiliquiles for my wife or a ham and bacon burrito for me. you should give maria and felicia a little break on their down days. they have struggled through more than their fair share of family "drama"

Anonymous said...

I agree with Paul Bailey. Plus, the tacos and burritos are among the best in LA. They are a small place and they are faced wtih big lines. In the end, though, the food is superb. I had a burrito this weekend which wiped out any thought of eating again that day.

Anonymous said...

I like the chilaquiles at Eat Well anyway.